Straight from the Heart



For over 130 years, we’ve been perfecting the art and craft of tequila. Distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, award-winning Corazón Tequila is made from the region’s 100% blue Weber agave by a group of artisans who hold themselves to the highest standards. Staying true to the original family recipe for the spirit, they develop breakthrough techniques for aging and create new ways for tequila lovers to experience the remarkable taste they love.


The word Corazón means "heart"in Spanish.


It refers to the piña or "heart" of each agave plant, nurtured and harvested in the Highlands and used to create Corazón. It also refers to the heart and passion of the men and women who have embarked on a new mission to create tequila like you've never experienced before—a passion that has created some of the most unique tequilas available in the world.



Where Magic Happens


Nestled in the Highlands of Jalisco is Casa San Matias, the family-owned distillery where owner Carmen Villarreal oversees the team and the creation of all Corazón Tequilas. Every part of our process happens here, from the agave harvest to the bottling of the spirit, keeping us true to the storied craft of tequila and allowing for innovations that ensure we minimize our footprint on the land our tequilas call home.




Just like Champagne and other fine wines, tequila is a drink that takes its name from its region of origin. And like fine wines, the unique characteristics of tequila can be traced back, quite literally, to its roots. 

The appellation, and the environment within it, the terroir, are integral to the quality of Corazón Tequila’s agave, all of which comes from appellations in Jalisco, Mexico, known as the best agave-growing region for tequila. Here, the soil is rich in iron oxide and the extreme temperatures of the warm days and cool nights create a climate where it takes longer for the agave to mature. It is the quality of the agave and its juice that creates the foundation of superiority found within our tequila. 


Casa San Matias was the first tequila distillery to participate in the United Nations' carbon footprint program. We’re committed to looking for ways to enhance our traditional process with environmentally sound practices, such as our onsite biodigester which breaks down organic waste created in the Corazón distilling process, transforming it into a source of renewable energy and fertilizer.



As a family-owned distillary with a woman at its helm for many years, Casa San Matias is known for its inclusive culture. Corazón is the first tequila company to be recognized as a “Great Place to Work” and we’ve been granted Gender Equity Model (GEM) certification by Mexico’s National Women's Institute. We’re proud of this recognition and believe that this commitment to celebrating our employees’ diverse talents and experience is one of the ways we encourage innovation and consistently deliver an outstanding product.