Rooted in family and steeped in tradition, Corazón tequilas embody the heart of the agave, independent and difficult to tame. While we hold ourselves to the integrity of our recipe, we’re forging an iconoclastic approach to aging, exploring new methods and producing award-winning tequilas that we think are some of the most adventurous you will ever taste.


Our Products


Every aspect of the production of Corazón Single Estate is managed within the Casa San Matias facilities. From the agave grown on the estate and surrounding local farms to the bottling process, Single Estate represents the highest level of artistry and craft from Corazón’s expert distillers.


Aged in barrels from several of Sazerac’s award-winning bourbon brands, Single Barrel is tequila with an inherently provocative twist. From its origin in the Mexican agave fields to its finish in charred oak bourbon barrels, Single Barrel Select is unconventional in spirit and wild at heart.


Expresiones is a truly remarkable collection of tequilas. Aged in the best bourbon barrels from Buffalo Trace’s exclusive Antique Collection, Expresiones holds unique characteristics—kisses of rough rye and sweet bourbon—that make it a Tequila unlike any other.


Our Process

Sun-warmed Mexican blue agave is harvested at its peak and our meticulously crafted distillation process begins, with ingredients and techniques that yield tequilas with a subtly sweet taste and a seductively floral aroma.

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Tour Our Facility

At Casa San Matias, nestled in the highlands of Jalisco, Master Distiller Mario Echanove oversees the creation of all Corazón tequilas. Staying true to the storied craft of tequila, we use industry-leading tools to ensure we minimize our footprint on the land our tequilas call home. 


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