9 Best Tequilas (and 3 Mezcals) for Palomas, According to Bartenders

When summer-specific warmth and humidity sweeps across the nation, bartenders seem only too happy to switch their focus from rich, dense cocktails and weighty ales and stouts, instead paying careful attention to crisp, thirst-quenching beverages intended to provide relief to the sweat-drenched public.  

Thanks to the typically balmy temperatures of Mexico, cocktails hailing from that nation often prove excellent antidotes to our collective, heat-related summertime sadness. A prime example can be found in the Paloma, a mega-popular libation featuring tequila, grapefruit soda, and a lime wedge. At its essence, the Paloma feels like a stripped-down version of the margarita: simpler, cleaner, and arguably more refreshing. Of course, making a top-quality Paloma relies on selecting the right tequila for the job. To help with your future Paloma pursuits, we asked a group of 12 bartenders to offer their favorite tequilas for this summer sipper, and here are their top picks.

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Timothy Lawdan