Chilled Magazine Names Expresiones Del Corazón Among Best New Spirit Releases

Corazón Tequila Expresiones del Corazón ($80)

Corazón Tequila just released its 2019 limited edition line of Expresiones del Corazón, and they are absolute must-buys if you see them on the shelf. The Buffalo Trace Distillery Old 22 Añejo was aged for at least 22 months in ex-Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels that previously held whiskey for at least 22 years, and it boasts bold notes of caramel, plums, almonds and lightly roasted coffee. Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Añejo was aged for 19 months in ex-Thomas H. Handy rye barrels, resulting in a grassy spirit with a mellow vegetal flavor and light honeyed notes on the palate. Both expressions are brilliant when sipped neat or served in a Tequila Old Fashioned.

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Timothy Lawdan